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Functional cookies are essential to the functionality of this website. They allow a variety of features including navigation, site-specific settings like your locality, language and currency and providing you the possibility to react on our website.
You cannot opt-out from functional cookies and use our website.

Statistical cookies

We use cookies to measure how many people visit our website and what parts of the website they visit most. This tells us what components of the website draw our visitors’ interest most which helps us draft the website’s structure, navigation and the contents as user friendly as possible. These cookies are served by Google, Facebook and DoubleClick (part of Google).

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Personalization cookies improve the user experience on our website. These enables us to recommend products and content to our users and personalize the experience.

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We use social media buttons and plug-ins to enhance our service. By using buttons, you can share the articles and videos you watch on our Website through social media. These buttons are controlled by social media cookies that are deployed by the social media providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest YouTube, etc.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies enables ad-networks to display ads which are based on your interests, making the ads more useful for you. Your Online Choices ( offers transparency into third-party vendors’ data processing purposes and enables you to opt-out from any or all advertising networks. If you want to opt-out from advertising networks, click here

Please note: opting-out from marketing cookies does not mean you will no longer see any advertisements. It’s just that the advertisements will then no longer be tailored to your interests and will be repeated more often.

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