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Disclaimer on product information


Latest update: 9.8.2018 is an unbiased, independent product search engine. Our mission is to help consumers find the right product at the lowest price without effort. As such, it’s in our highest interest that you can trust the content displayed on our website – that the products, prices and other information are complete, accurate and up-to-date. In this disclaimer we explain why, in spite of our colossal effort to keep the information accurate, we cannot guarantee the reliability or the accuracy of the information.



Why we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the product information


Source of product information

Majority of retailers provide us their product data feed, a file which contains the shop’s complete product range. In case a shop doesn’t have a product data feed, we may use web scraping technique to get the product data directly from the shop’s website. Some of the shops provide us an API to fetch the product data.
As the source of the product information comes directly from the retailers, we can only add, update, match, disable and delete the data we have received – we cannot change the data. This means that if a shop has not provided us the newest information on, for example, an updated price for a certain product, there are chances that we are displaying outdated price for that product. The most common user experience on an outdated product data is when on our website, the price is displayed as $X but when clicked to the retailer’s website, the price is different.


Delay between updates

Each shop’s timing on when and how often they update their product data feed varies. Some shops update the data feed several times a day, some on a daily basis, while some might update it once a week. Between the time of the last update and the newest update, product information may change, which does not immediately reflect on the data feed, resulting to outdated information.
There is also a maximum of couple of hours of delay between the time when the shop has provided us the newest information and when the update is actually effective on our website. Currently it’s impossible for us to update the product information in real-time which may also result in outdated information.


Product mismatch

Our system automatically matches products using a sophisticated algorithm. Regardless, there may be product mismatches depending on the data retailers have provided us and miscalculation in our algorithm. Since our system relies on various factors to automatically match items, such as product title, brand or universal product code (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc), there are cases where the data coming from the retailer does not correspond to the actual product being represented. As an example, if a retailer provides an incorrect universal product code that belongs to another item, there are chances that the item would match with the wrong product on our end. In these cases our personnel will correct the error immediately once the issue has been detected.



As we handle millions of products from thousands of different shops, it is inevitable that once in a while some of the products we display are outdated, mismatched or has wrong product information. We urge our users to ensure the accuracy of the information prior to purchasing from the shops – the final price and product details are always according to the shop’s website. We cannot make any guarantees that any information is correct and we do not take any responsibility for any actions taken based on the product information displayed on


We warrant that we do not intentionally provide untruthful information or conduct in false advertisement by advertising a product to be cheaper than what it really is – these types of activities would result in customer confusion, which leads to disappointment, complaints, decrease in quality of service and would ultimately cost us much more than we could ever gain from it. The reason why some products might be displayed cheaper than what they are is because of the above mentioned errors. We cannot influence the pricing or other information provided to us – however, we promise to do our best to detect, minimize and correct any outdated or wrong information swiftly.



How we minimize and correct outdated and wrong product information


Our work to keep millions of products information up-to-date and accurate is, mildly put, challenging. To reduce the outdated and wrong product information, we:


  • update all the products several times a day
  • check and update popular products even more frequently
  • use various preventive methods to disable or limit the product offer when the risk of it being outdated is high
  • disable products of unreachable shops
  • inform retailers when we haven’t received any updates for several days
  • work closely with the retailers if there are major issues with the product data feed
  • have a dedicated team checking the product data around the clock


We also urge users to inform us about wrong product information. Informing us is very simple: on each product page, there is a Report button – click on it, select the type of error and click “Send”. Depending on the issue, we usually correct the problem in less than 24 hours during working days.


We are always improving and working on new methods to make the data more accurate and up-to-date, to minimize faults, errors and outdated information and to build the best product matching algorithm.



Images, descriptions and videos


Product images, descriptions and videos are made available by suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, publicists, publishers and public domains. We use various techniques to automatically fetch these information, for example with YouTube product videos we use different search keyword combinations that we believe would show the most relevant videos relating to that product.


Images, descriptions and videos are for depiction and illustration purposes only – we do not guarantee that the actual product is what appears or is written on the images, descriptions or videos. The color, size, packaging, content, additional accessories, product features etc. may differ from the information provided on - always check the information on the shop’s website prior to purchasing.