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Service for Shops

Service for Shops



Our platform supports local and global commerce. We are able to support your online sales, regardless of what you sell, where your business is, where you deliver to, what language your website is and what your selling currency is.


How does it work?

  1. Integrate your inventory with us to display your products
  2. Choose the country / countries where you deliver to – your products are visible to the customers in those countries
  3. When customers search on they search all the shops at once and see only relevant shops and products which are available to their location
  4. When customers find the right product they click to shop's website for shopping



Your benefits when you join us


Excellent VisibilityCustomers can search, find and compare over 1000 shops products and offers on, saving their time and hassle to jump from one shop to another to find the right product. With us you get excellent visibility and customers’ can find your offers easily

Display Your Products WorldwideDisplay your products in 1 country, several countries or worldwide - wherever you ship your products to, your products are visible to the consumers in those countries
Review PlatformCollect your customer’s online reviews with us and build your reputation, stand out from the competition and boost your sales - for free!
Affiliate ProgramsWe also partner with shops through affiliate programs. If you want to integrate your affiliate program on our website please contact us at [email protected] .



Eligibility for listing products


On Enligo, we list a wide variety of consumer and professional products. However, if your shop is mainly selling the following types of items, you may not be eligible to list your products on Enligo:


  • Services, warranty extensions, licenses
  • Downloadable games, music, movies
  • Contract mobile phones, tablets and other contract electronics
  • Industrial machines and equipment not intended for consumers or prosumers
  • Used, repaired, refurbished products
  • Counterfeit or unauthorized replicas of genuine products (zero tolerance)


NOTE: You are still eligible to list your products, provided that the items mentioned in the above list is only complimentary to the range of accepted items.


If you are unsure whether your shop is eligible, please contact us at [email protected] – we usually reply in 24 hours (during weekdays).